Broadband and Sovereign ISP Solutions 

Digital Equity for Native Nations 

In 2020 Tribal Leaders and their communities were blindsided. In an instant, the Internet access evolved from amenity to a lifeline utility. The stakes could not have been higher or the result more important. The challenge for tribal leaders now is how to fund and deliver affordable and viable broadband to the underserved tribal nations.

Copious Specialties' works with Native Nations, underserved, and communities in challenging geographies to design and implement traditional and non-traditional solutions that can be funded by Federal Grants. We work with you to develop a vision for the future of the next 7-generations, using proven methods & solutions to meet short-term needs and long-term objectives. 

With our battle-proven methods, Copious Specialties offers:  

  • Assistance with grant application & procurement.
  • Non-traditional broadband networks for areas in their territory that traditional fiber optics can’t reach homes that are blocked by geological obstructions like hills & mountains.
  • White Label ISP networks that create a “For Profit” opportunity so tribes have complete autonomy over their data, economic growth, professional delivery and implementation services, which includes training for your tribe that ensures your success. 
  • Cloud Solutions with Cost Optimization - Saving businesses & Tribal Governments 10-40% on Cloud Services. 

Native Nations can play an important role in uplifting their community condition through strategic economic investment through broadband. This empowers K-12 children, adults seeking higher education, including vocational and college opportunities for all tribal members. Broadband creates an opportunity for workforce training, living-wage jobs and benefits, improves safety and offers access to TeleHealth. 

Often overlooked are the elders in our communities. Broadband offers many benefits including healthcare and access to family members and friends when travel is difficult.  Healthcare options blossomed during the pandemic and today everyone has access to world-class healthcare through TeleHealth. 

See how your nation can thrive with Copious Specialties' Broadband and ISP Solutions

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