Grant Writing and Management

Tribal Grant Specialists

Copious Specialties understands the difficult position leaders face when grant monies are available, but writing an effective grant application is a rare skill set. Our Grant Management team uses a selective team approach attuned to each client that capitalizes on decades of collective specialized experience. 

The team has had a 87.6% funding rate since 2009. They have won grants for over 200 clients, including over 40 local governments, many large companies and start-ups. The broadband Subject Matter Expert (SME) has written $77 million in grants for tribes – more than half of this for broadband, including $39.6 million for the Navajo Nation and has won every broadband grant application submitted. 

Our broadband professional engineering team provides consulting, design, and project/construction management services for the following disciplines: (a) telecommunications and technology, (b) electric power, (c) instrumentation/control systems; and (d) drafting/design services. They provide professional services to a variety of industries and markets including Tribal Nations, government entities, large Public Venues, Oil and Gas, Wireless Cellular Carriers, Transportation, and private entities. Their engineers are registered in over 32 states. They provide the following capabilities and services:


  •  Telecom & Technology Project Consulting Services including Feasibility Studies and Requirements Analysis
  • Lead, Coordinate and Execute Large-Scale, Customized Telecom Projects
  • Design, Install and Support Wireless Telecom Solutions
  • Provide Technology Support and Coordination with Wireless Service providers, Cellular Carriers, and Equipment Vendors
  • System Requirement development
  • Technology Roadmap planning
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting requirements
  • Detailed site surveys to identify building parameters and operational needs

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